Hall's Turnkey Solutions

To produce your desired decorative, Industrial or functional finish one might consider the following questions. How much will this cost me? How much time of mine is going to be consumed? How much is my time worth? If I manage the job, will I get the application right? Am I going to end up paying school fees? What could go wrong?.

When considering these questions often we noted clients are hesitant to proceed alone.

Our response… Turnkey Solutions!

We have been producing many turnkey solutions since since 2005 and have identified three main applications where our specialised teams can work in your favour.


Epoxy Flooring

Epoxies are fundamentally simple science they are prepared by converting liquid polyether’s into infusible solids by connecting the long-chain molecules into networks. The Specifications, Sourcing, Preparations, Applications and Maintenance of these coating are however, not so simple.

Yes, we do provide technical data to support our clients that manage their own applications, but often we hear the fails. We want the products we manufacture and retail to last! And to do that we often produce specifications, source specialised coatings, apply those coatings according to the manufacturers specifications and training and provide maintenance programs when requested.

Always remember, it’s better to get us involved before the concrete goes down so we can add value at no extra cost to ensure the contractor gives us the surface you require for your application and your new coating.

We do work on existing slabs that have or have not been coated, using onsite testing equipment we can make recommendations and try to limit product failure to the largest possible degree.



Water is incredibly artful of finding its way into our buildings through the roof, under the floors and across walls to. We’ve had experience in identifying these problems since 1989 where some of the original products stocked instore were designed specifically to combat domestic and industrial waterproofing problems. It is worth noting that not many water issues ever look the same and it takes experience to identify and then apply a specification to combat. We believe we have got what it takes to fix most of these problems, the balancing act remains the budget. We understand the crunch and make recommendations to suit your pocket.



The demand for turnkey solutions has positioned Hall’s to supply yet another great service for our clients. We stimulate a sustainable relationship by utilising our own team and working together with existing contractors that normally do business with us to ensure that the job is both professional and timeous.

At the beginning of any project, Hall’s Team develop and design a ‘painting plan’ to meet the needs of our client. We take into consideration the size and location of the industrial, commercial or domestic structure and design a plan that will require minimal disruption to the daily activities inside the structure and still fit within any budget constraints as well as special requirements. We add value throughout the project by utilising other learned skills of our industry and often make recommendations about decorative and functional finishes that might best suit the application.

We want to Paint your House!

Wall’s, Ceilings, Structures, Roofs and Fences we’ve got you covered!

Contract Graffiti too…