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Years Strong

Stick It, Clean It, Paint It and Light It. That sums up all the offerings that Hall’s Retail has been servicing the greater Pietermaritzburg and Midlands area since 1989.

Hall’s stays true to their core values, which are family, respect, communication, creativity, teamwork and service. They feel this is why they have remained a front runner in their line of business.

The staff know that they are not limited to what is available on the floor or on display but that they offer a wide range of catalogues as well in order to really meet all your needs. They really go out of their way to be approachable and knowledgeable.

Hall’s is all about watching the market closely and paying attention to new trends that would appeal to the consumer and making sure that they fulfill those needs and provide professional and timeous advice on quality products, offered at competitive pricing.

You are invited to come and pay a visit to the store, so you too can experience the values that the Hall family have to offer.

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I have always had excellent service there no matter what amount of money I am spending today I needed tha ladies and the owner had no problem sending me upstairs to the staff toilets ...well all I can say is wow all round wow I love that store from the free popcorn to the coffee I would recommend them over all hardware stores anyday well done halls you are a inspiration to the rest if them and you are led by a awesome human being
Visited the store today and was assisted by Iqbal. Excellent service indeed and will definately be going back. Didn't know people as kind and caring as him still existed, will definately recommend Halls Retail to friends and family. Once again, thank you for the excellent service!
Ashveer, you are amazing. Thank you for helping me with Dad's questions and all your help. So over and beyond what you needed to help us. Again thank you so much. This is the second time you have helped us and both times you gave us the confidence to deal with the project.
Such a brilliant store with the most helpful and knowledgable staff - totally love this amazing shop!